The Devil’s Mischief

Welcome to the official website for The Devil’s Mischief, the podcast of carnal comedy clips and netherworld novelty numbers. Launched in 2003, the Devil’s Mischief is just one of many fine podcasts brought to you through Radio Free Satan. Click on the menu button in the upper left for more information.

How to Listen

There are many different ways to listen to The Devil’s Mischief.

Listen on

The easiest way is to click here to go to to see a list of available Devil’s Mischief episodes. Then click an episode’s Play button. That’s all!


Other Places to Hear The Devil’s Mischief

Alternatively, you can go to one of many other places where episodes of The Devil’s Mischief is available. Many of these sites give you the option of subscribing, so you can have new episodes downloaded automatically to your device.