Frequently Asked Questions

What IS The Devil’s Mischief?

The Devil’s Mischief is a comedy & novelty podcast with an emphasis on material that the DJ deems to be “not for the masses”. It is one of many fine shows brought to you through Radio Free Satan (RFS). It has been around since 2003.

Where can I listen to The Devil’s Mischief?

See the main page for instructions.

I came here after finding a meme on the Internet that said “” on it. What’s that all about?

I’ve made lots of humorous memes and other sharable pics over the years. You may have found one of the more viral ones. Thank you for being curious enough to see what else I do!

Can I make requests for the show? Send in jokes? Send my praises/complaints, etc.?

Yes! You can email me at “bill@” followed by “”. Sorry to type it out all split up like that, but it helps keep the spam bots from sending me so much spam when they hit this site.

What sort of stuff do you play on the show?

The Devil’s Mischief has played all sorts of comedy and novelty, whether it’s been new stand-up comedy, old radio comedy shows of the 1930s, samples from TV shows and movies, jokes read by the host, and a slew of other stuff. You can also search the site which also searches through the past episode set lists.

What sort of stuff is NOT played on the show?

The show steers away from comedy that I consider to be too “made for the masses”. This isn’t as simple as rejecting everything that’s popular and playing only so-called “underground” stuff. Some excellent comedy albums have rightfully won Grammys, while some underground comedy can be just as predictable and programmed as the most banal prime-time sitcom. But these have generally been my guidelines:

  • No hack material. This means unoriginal subject matter that has been done to death in the comedy circuit: riding on airplanes, difference between cats and dogs, idiots driving, men vs. women, Trump bashing, etc. Some exceptions are made in rare cases when it’s actually funny or has an original take to it, but that’s the exception, not the rule.

  • No comedy that relies heavily on pre-programmed associations. In other words, the trendy jokes that we’re told are supposed to be funny: OJ Simpson is a killer, Trump is Hitler, Bill Clinton is a pervert, males are dumb, etc. It’s a case of hundreds of jokes built upon the same punchline. Again, there are exceptions, but they’re rare.

  • “Comedy” solely based on excessive violence or toilet humor. The Devil’s Mischief is far from being a prude’s show, but there’s a difference between use of these subjects in a creative and witty way (like George Carlin or Redd Foxx has done) and those who attempt to use shock value as the ONLY means of entertainment. In short, thinking that there’s no good “clean” comedy is just as short-sighted and stupid as thinking that there’s no good “dirty” comedy.

  • Limiting the amount of repeated material. This is due to me being fed up with other comedy shows that end up repeating the same clips over and over again in a short period of time. It’s rare to hear a clip played twice in the same year. I also try to not feature the same exact comedians on multiple, consecutive episodes.

What does comedy have to do with the Devil?

Comedy and wit can very well serve as devilish virtues, in every sense of the word. They stand as the complete antithesis of piety and religious pretentiousness. The theme also fits in nicely with the archetype of devils being tricksters. Novelty songs can also help serve as a refreshing contrast to self-righteous artists and zealous fans who take their music religiously, perhaps in more ways than they realize. Anton LaVey, author of The Satanic Bible, has also written essays on the Satanic virtues of comedy in his books The Devil’s Notebook and Satan Speaks.

Who are you?

My name is Bill M. I am the DJ, producer, webmaster, and all that stuff for The Devil’s Mischief. Other on-line comedy projects of mine include, the annual Xmas clips for RFS on YouTube, Dr. Schitz, PhD in Satanic Memes, and the Facebook group Ridicule of Shitty Writing. Other things I’ve done on Radio Free Satan over the years have included being producer of Confessions of a Wicked Witch and co-hosting or guest-starring in various other RFS shows.

I’m also a Satanist and a Magister of the Church of Satan. As a media representative for the organization, I’ve given a number of radio, newspaper, and television interviews over the years, plus have written articles for the official Church of Satan site as well as in Satanism print publications. In 2022, I launched a Satanism talk podcast, Satansplain.

Is this show just a front to recruit people into a Satanic cult?

No. Don’t flatter yourself.

Who is Satanbear?

Satanbear is a 10-inch tall plush teddy bear in a devil costume, and the mascot of The Devil’s Mischief. He has starred in a number of annual Xmas videos for Radio Free Satan, which you can watch on YouTube. Also, his page on Facebook serves as the official TDM page on Facebook, where I also used to try out and post a lot of the non-audio comedy I’d create. In fact, when I was brand new to Facebook, I had “Satanbear D’Mischief” as a personal profile I’d post everything from, until it really made more sense to convert it from a Facebook profile to a Facebook page.

Is there a way I can hear any of those hundreds and hundreds of older episodes?

Starting in 2012, I’ve replayed certain old episodes as “The Devil’s Mischief Rewind”. If I get enough demand for a particular past episode, I may very well re-air it. I also sell “Devil’s Mischief Grab Bags” on occasion which offer ways to hear some past episodes too. But otherwise, if you’re looking for direct access to some episode from 10 years ago as you can with brand new episodes, the answer is no.

There are several reasons why the entire catalog of 600+ past episodes is not publicly available, let alone for free. First and foremost are licensing issues. Second, I don’t think it’s fair to loyal listeners who already made the effort to tune in to episodes when they were first available. Third, it makes the uncovered old specials that much special. Fourth, there’s already a lot available anyway. Fifth, there are bandwidth issues. And finally, if you really like a particular comedian on the show and want to hear more, you’re encouraged to seek them out to support them to hear more (buy their albums, follow them on social media, see them when they’re in town, etc.).

Does TDM/RFS have any social media pages?


I want to tell you all about the love of Jesus/Allah/Scientology/Barney/whatever

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Hi, I’m from Nigeria and I want to join the Illuminati.

Go away. Even if there was a secret oligarchy of devil worshipers running the world’s banks (and there isn’t), it’s stupid to think that any website with “devil” in the title must be one of their employment agencies. Even stupider is thinking that they’re giving away millionaire job positions to people who don’t even have the courtesy to include a resume/CV.

“Bill M.”? What does the “M” stand for?


I didn’t actually read all of that. I just scrolled down to the bottom of the page.

Shame on you!