TDM #266

Theme: THANKSGIVING 2008 with the Bunkers

Original air dates: Nov 24-30, 2008

The annual Thanksgiving Leftovers episode, including an All in the Family episode narrated by Bill M.

  • Steven Wright - Ice

  • George Carlin - People Who Oughta Be Killed: Self-Help Books

  • George Carlin - Motivation Seminar

  • George Carlin - Singers With One Name

  • Cheech & Chong - Streets Of New York Or Los Angeles Or San Francisco Or…

  • Don Knotts - The Analyst

  • All In The Family, “The Little Atheist” (from season 6)

  • Tiny Tim - Hey Jude

  • Frank Zappa - Valley Girl

  • Yma Sumac - Wimoweh [Shit, I did play this one in the WXYZ episode! I meant to throw in something else]